Cancer News

5/26/2014: Chemo: Causes Misery, Kills Patients, and Creates More Cancer, but Very Profitable:

5/2/2014: Read This Before You Opt for Chemotherapy:

4/19/2014: Why ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott Refuses to Let Cancer Win:

4/19/2014: China Raises Alert Against Surging Cancer Crisis:

4/17/2014: Federal Act Named for Gabriella Miller to be Signed into Law Thursday:

4/7/2014: Pfizer Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise:

4/6/2014: Study Links Sugary Drinks with Endometrial Cancer:

4/1/2014: Aggressive Ovarian Cancer May Be Caused by a Single Gene Mutation:

3/29/2014: 3000-Year-Old-Skeleton Found Riddled with Cancer:

3/27/2014: Scientists Find Treatment to Kill Every Kind of Cancer Tumor:

3/25/2014: Jim Kelly’s Oral Cancer Returns:

3/25/2014: University to Study Cancer Patients’ Mental Health:

3/23/14 Edition: Sustain Me: Journeying with Cancer – This Week’s Picks from Medical News, Nutritional Inspiration, and Spiritual Encouragement.

3/23/14: Got Cancer – Now What?:

3/22/14: Study Finds Link Between BPA and Prostate Cancer:

3/16/14 Edition: Sustain Me: Journeying with Cancer – This Week’s Picks from Medical News, Nutritional Inspiration, and Spiritual Encouragement.

3/16/14: Social Media a Key Technology in the Battle Against Cancer:

3/15/14: New Imaging Approach Fast Tracks Drug Testing for Incurable Prostate Cancer:

3/13/14: Drug to Stop Cancer Growth:

3/2/14: Microwaving Tumors New Procedure Knocks Out Kidney Cancer without Surgery:

2/24/14: New Evidence on How Weight Diet and Exercise can help Reduce Cancer Risk:

2/22/14: New Therapies Raise Hope for a Breakthrough in Tackling Cancer:

2/16/14: FDA Approves New Targeted Drug for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients with Relapsed or Resistant Disease:

2/9/14: Most Cancers in Our World Pandemic Are Preventable:

2/5/14: Cancer ‘Tidal Wave’ on the Horizon:

2/1/14: Breast Cancer Impersonates Neurons to Invade the Brain:

2/1/14: Ten Benefits of Eating Less Meat:

1/26/2014: Colon Surgery at Busier Hospitals May Lead to Faster Recovery:

1/25/2014: B-Sens Player Corey Cowick Starts Drive to Fight Cancer

1/19/2014: Smoking Causes Diabetes, Colon Cancer, New Report Says:

01/17/2014: Low Risk Prostate Cancer: to Treat or Not to Treat:

01/16/14: New York Times Editor Attacks Woman with Breast Cancer:

01/15/14: Fats and Oils that can Improve Your Health:

01/14/14: Cornell Team Finds Success Sending Cancer Killing Machines Through Bloodstream:

01/13/14: Monitoring Rather than Treatment Recommended for Some Men with Prostate Cancer

01/11/14: Why We Need to Sleep in Total Darkness:

01/06/14: Billionaire Ludwig’s Estate Donates $540 Million for U.S. Cancer Research:

01/04/14: Obamacare Forces Poor Cancer Patients into Crippling Debt:

01/02/14: Women May Skip Radiation Therapy Over Child Care Concerns:

12/26/13: Childhood Cancer’s New Conondrum: More Kids Survive the Disease, but as Adults Become Prone to Premature Aging:

12/13/13: Seven Ways Cancer Patients Can Stay Mentally Strong:

04/25/13: Our Feel Good War on Breast Cancer:

An honest an thought provoking article by a breast cancer survivor. Excerpt: “The idea that there could be one solution to breast cancer — screening, early detection, some universal cure — is certainly appealing. All of us — those who fear the disease, those who live with it, our friends and families, the corporations who swathe themselves in pink — wish it were true. Wearing a bracelet, sporting a ribbon, running a race or buying a pink blender expresses our hopes, and that feels good, even virtuous. But making a difference is more complicated than that.”