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  1. Sharon, I am so thankful to have found out about you from David and Kathy. I have told so many people about you, especially those who are suffering from cancer or know of someone who is. I am already signed up for most of the newsletters of those you recommend. I am now prepared with information if I should ever get cancer. I avoid the medical profession with vigor and I do not trust them but at the same time somewhat thankful they are there if I should ever need them which I hope I never will. They will be my last resort. I am very disturbed about the censorship on social media sites like pinterest, and facebook especially because the real disinformation is coming through the medical profession especially information about drug and vaccine safety which they say is true. So called “alternative” treatments like nutrition and supplements are so much older than any new pharmaceuticals, most of which are less than 100 years old. Nutrition and natural supplements have been around probably since the creation. We need to pray for all of those that want to get healing and nutritional truth out for all of us to learn, especially those who are licensed to dispense those treatments and advice. They keep showing up dead and we are being told it is suicide. I believe those who stand to lose (money or credibility) are very afraid of the truth they speak. Keep up the good work and God Bless You.

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