Swimming for Hope in the Fight Against Cancer

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Have you ever stood watching waves on a quiet beach? A year ago in March my toes were buried in wet sand on the ocean’s edge in Florida. Kind friends made it possible for Tom and me to stay near the water while he ministered with Baseball Chapel during Spring Training. It was my first visit to the ocean since cancer had arrived two and a half years before; faded; raged back; and had now receded from my body. I had washed up on shore in free-from-cancer paradise. A survivor astonished to be safe on dry land.

I think everyone needs to know there is hope. Especially people passing through the waves of cancer.

when you pass through the waters i will be with you isaiah 43 waves ocean sand toes foam

You’ve probably had some hard waves come your way too, right?

Sometimes you survive the waves by learning to swim. Sometimes people step in and lift you up and help pull you through so you don’t sink. They do the hard swimming for you.

It’s like they’re being hope just being with you.

One of my friends is a hope-bringer. She’s going through waves to help in the fight against cancer and raise money for cancer research. Karen McDowell is training right now to participate in the Baltimore Swim Across America (SAA) One Mile Open Water Swim on September 20, 2015. Check out this video of Karen training for her first One Mile Open Water swim!

I’m very honored that Karen has included me as a reason she is swimming. If you would like to donate and support her swim please visit her page by clicking the image below. The proceeds donated to SAA will be gifted to the Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The money you give will go towards cancer research, prevention and treatment and will make an impact in the fight to find a cure:

Swim Across America Karen McDowell Sydney Kimmel Cancer Research Center Johns Hopkins Hospital

Karen shared with me recently, “When I decided I would join with Swim Across America a month ago to raise money for Cancer Research, I told my husband I would swim for Sharon! We are keeping you in our prayers!”

Thank you, God, for friends who swim through waves and keep us in their prayers.

karen bob mcdowellKaren pictured with her husband, Bob.

cancer smarts good encouragement helps sharon oconnor

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2 thoughts on “Swimming for Hope in the Fight Against Cancer

  1. God bless you Sharon. I pray for you and hope you are doing well. The story was very touching and has a found a very special place in my heart. Thank you.

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