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Sustain Me: Notes on Cancer, encouragement for cancer patients, stage four cancer, stage three cancer

“Did you speak at the Women of Faith conference recently? You look really familiar!”

The beautiful young lady asked the question with a hopeful smile. Ah the dreams and possibilities. I looked over my shoulder to see if she was talking to someone else. Did a mental check to make sure I had not missed something.  Chemo does strange things to your memory and I’ve blamed a few forgetful moments on “chemo brain”. But … no.

“Well, not yet!” I laughed and thanked her for thinking I might possibly have spoken at a national faith-based women’s conference. I finished getting settled intself publishing your storyo my spot at the table as the worship team started singing. Throughout the weekend at this particular women’s conference, the ladies were given a little gift each time a session began. What a treat! At one session, the gift was a journal with the words, “My Story” on the cover. The ladies were encouraged to pursue God’s story for their lives. I enjoyed sharing a bit of the cancer story God has given me; four other wonderful speakers shared their stories and how God had been faithful through daunting, life shattering challenges. Lives (including mine) were touched by the kindness and mercy of God through the ministry that took place. And would you believe? Each of us speakers included a verse from Psalm 34. God had been busy directing our hearts and minds as we prepared to share our stories. He’s good at that kind of thing. He delights in that kind of thing. He delights in you.

So in thinking about sharing my story, I want to ask, have you shared yours? We each have one. Just don’t forget to ask God and trust God to shape yours and prepare you to share it, in His time. It may be used to bless someone else.

My first writing tool was the personal blog here at http://www.sustainme.net, which I’ve published as a free e-book. It contains faith-infused thoughts from over three years of journal posts about living with cancer and going through treatment. Your story may be different (good grief, for your sake, I hope so). If you’re interested in self-publishing until one of the big Christian publishers like Zondervan or Tyndale House scoops up your ideas, check these links. Some will require upfront costs if you’re trying to publish printed copies. Smashwords lets you publish your book as an e-book = no up front costs. Happy writing!

Xulon Press

Tate Publishing


Before you leave, check out this song. It was one of the theme songs from the last conference where I spoke: “Write Your Story” by Christian artist Francesca Battistelli. Click the image to be taken to her official YouTube audio. Listen. Smile. Then get writing!








Do you have writing tips? Have you participated in or facilitated writing conferences? Like blogging and have tips to help people just getting started on writing their story? “Leave a Comment” below.

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