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The Survivor’s Guide is our directory to great local businesses, especially ones that help cancer patients. This week we look at ways a life coach can work with people affected by cancer. (Ladies, there is an opportunity for you at the end of the article!)

Recently we introduced to you a certified Christian life coach named Julie Sass. I was curious about how a life coach might help cancer patients coping with the reality of cancer. Julie shared ways a life coach can help cancer patients adjusting to their “new normal”.

Q: What are some ways that a Christian life coach can help cancer patients?

Julie: I like the whole idea of “Strength Based Coaching”. So often people look at the negatives in a situation. Or the “How?” question trips people up: “How can I possibly move on from this devastating blow?” We come from a culture that promotes the well rounded being. The culture focuses on what you are lacking instead of what you have been blessed with. Although I do not think it is necessarily a bad thing to always try to improve ourselves, I do think that God created us all with a unique set of talents, gifts, and abilities. I believe God intended for us to not dwell on the areas of weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” We need to use the strengths He has given us. I think that cancer patients, especially, need to be built up by focusing on their areas of individual strength when they are going through or have come out of a time of draining physical and emotional weakness.

I support my clients in hearing them as they review their vision for life, purpose, and values, and allowing them to reach a conclusion that helps them adjust to the “new normal” of life. Even as life is a series of changes (and challenges like cancer), it also is a series of choices on how we choose to respond to the change. I truly believe that the small steps we can take to change our thoughts will affect our words, which affect our actions, which affect our habits – and our habits form our destiny. So I help clients realign their thoughts (words, actions and habits follow), to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life by focusing on their God-given strengths.

Q: What specifically do you encourage your clients to remember about life?            

Julie: I encourage clients by sharing the following thoughts: (Click Here to View the Full Article on Life Coaching for Cancer Patients)

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