In the News: Accelerated Aging After Cancer Treatment

Cancer News

vegetables to fight cancerThere was an article in the Wall Street Journal last week titled “Childhood Cancer’s New Conundrum: More Kids Survive the Disease, but as Adults Become Prone to Premature Aging”. Did you see it? You can read the entire article by clicking Here.

You know about the difficulties people deal with when they go through the actual treatment. Here are some of the challenges cancer patients face years after treatment ends based on the article:

  • Mild cognitive impairment
  • Serious memory impairment
  • Accelerated aging
  • Brittle bones
  • Frailty
  • Poor muscle mass
  • Slow walking speed

Wouldn’t it be nice if more could be done not only to save lives, but also spare us from damaging late effects from toxic medicine, too? What if it is as simple (and complex) as what we eat? Purposely eating and drinking food in quantities to protect and heal and possibly prevent problems years after people survive treatment. Er, cancer.

Patients need to proactively pursue their personal wellness strategy. The first time I went through cancer treatment I discovered on my own the potential power of nutrition, but made excuses. I was too tired; too busy; too overwhelmed. I did not embrace it. The second time I went through a more targeted chemo and radiation, nutrition helped save and restore my life. When I start feeling too tired, or busy, or overwhelmed, I need the power of nutrition even more.

Cancer patients certainly need to be discerning as they consider treatment and nutrition options. There are a variety of helpful sources *if* one chooses to incorporate nutrition as a part of the cancer fighting and treatment healing plan. I list things I did, and still do, over on the Resources and Links Pages.

How about you? Where are you in the journey? Have you used nutrition to fight cancer or heal after treatment? I’d love to know.

The power of humble vegetables is legendary. Check out Daniel’s story in the Bible by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “In the News: Accelerated Aging After Cancer Treatment

  1. Hello my cousin Sharon Denise. You are the beacon that shines for many, and the potential of your beacon only gets brighter and brighter. Me telling you that “I am so proud of you” does not even begin to touch my heart to yours, but you know that already. Supportive, amazing, God-gifted, heaven-bound, a Saint on Earth ,genuine no matter what, trusting to a fault, giving to the point of willing to go over the cliff….we, as women of this wonderful family, have accepted these gifts and only build on them and ask those that we share with, to pay attention if possible. That’s all we ask. You have, once again, through our generations, made the word “special” almost out of reach. Thank God it’s still with us all. We walk among angels. Your wings are wide.

  2. Hey Oak! You are very kind; and long suffering.. there is snow swirling outside my windows tonight and reminds me of a snowmobile ride through the woods many years ago. I ducked and you didn’t… do you remember! But you loved (and love) me any way. Very thankful for you and who you are! Thanks for your words, they are powerful and I only hope that someone is encouraged by what they may read here. And thanks for helping to lift my wings when they’ve needed it – you as a nurse have a very big set of your own. Love you.

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