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I’m a stage four colon cancer survivor. I write about my personal experience beginning in 2010 with multiple surgeries, colostomy, chemo, radiation, ileostomy, completing the takedown and being “clear” fall 2011, and the return of cancer a year later.¬†Click here for more info about the decisions I made that were best for me and what I did that helped me when cancer came back as stage four.

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Cancer Smarts is my personal blog sharing faith-infused encouragement about the stage III and stage IV colon cancer journey. Since there is no stage V cancer, I decided I’d better write fast. I went through grueling treatment that included colostomy, chemo, radiation, ileostomy, and take down (reconnecting my body so the bag was no longer needed); was clear for about a year; cancer came back with a vengeance; I got mad; I gave myself permission to do things differently the second time around. Just want a quick summary? Check out the timeline. And the rest of the story you can read in the free e-book called “Sustain Me: Notes on Cancer”. Spoiler alert: I’m clear again as of April 2016, praise Jesus. Really, I do praise Jesus. I write to continue processing the journey and hopefully to encourage someone else.

You’ll find thoughts here about restoring personal joy in the face of life threatening disease; finding a willing spirit to make choices about treatment options; and being sustained daily by God in the “new normal”. You can sign up to receive my blog posts quietly in your email inbox. You can also connect with me on Facebook.

free ebook journal on stage 4 colon cancer cancer smarts sustain me notes on cancer encouragementHere’s what the blog and free e-book talk about from my personal experience:

  • How do you cope when cancer returns as stage four disease?
  • Where do you turn when treatment options seem more fearsome than the disease?¬†
  • What decisions¬† do you make when you’re told you have 6-12 months to live without further treatment?
  • Do you accept more medical treatment, or use nutrition to combat the return of cancer? Or both?
  • How do you find a balance between medicine and nutrition and effective cancer healing options that are best for you?
  • How does the filter of faith in God change one’s perspective about life-changing disease?

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Even though I think I have some awesomely encouraging information to share about my personal journey with cancer, remember – the content on this blog is for general informational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.